Funeral Advantage with Lincoln Heritage

Know your options when it comes to final expense insurance with The Funeral  Advantage  plan   with Lincoln Heritage. We are here to help you find a complete funeral plan so you and your loved ones don't have to worry about anything when that time comes. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral in 2011 was around $8,000.  And this does not include the Cemetery property which could push the price to well over $11,000! We want our customers  and their families to be aware of their options  as well as make sure their Funeral Rights  are respected during a very stressful time. Funeral advantage Insurance offers you up to $100,000  of Life insurance without  a Medical Exam and it  includes a free membership with a Funeral Society to  ensure  your Final wishes are honored  with a personalized funeral plan. Funeral Advantage offers these benefits:

  • Funeral Will with all the details of your funeral plan and final wishes
  • 24 hour hot line  available to activate your funeral plan
  • Funeral Expenses can be paid to funeral home within 48 hours *
  • Funeral Society will deal with funeral homes and compare prices
  • Funeral Society will make sure your funeral rights are protected
  • Additional benefit for accidental death
  • Transport of mortal remains included
  • No medical exam ( approval is based on answers to medical questions on application)